Pediatric Chiropractor Owasso, OK

What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Pediatric Chiropractic care is a proven method to improve overall nervous system function and health, without the need for invasive procedure or medications. Through correct alignment of the spine, it grants the nervous system to reach its full potential, every member of the family can achieve optimal health, including kids. Pediatric Chiropractic care is proven safe and effective for every age group, from infants to the elderly. Regular chiropractic care can be an effective form of healthcare that can reduce dependence on prescription drugs, alleviate the symptoms of a variety of ailments, and boost energy.

At Green Country Chiropractic, we want to see your entire family live a full, healthy life, and inspire others in Owasso and our surrounding communities.

Why Should Children Visit a Pediatric Chiropractor?

Pediatric chiropractic care for children as they age creates a solid foundation of continued health and nervous system function that will lead to better growth, healthier development, and an improved quality of life. Like adults, a child undergoes a great deal of stress on their spine. Regular playtime activities, youth athletics, or just rough housing can put their spine out of alignment and affect their nervous system function.

Children are prone to spinal injuries, especially when they are young and unaware of how to properly behave to avoid incidents. A simple fumble or fall can cause spinal tissue tears and nerve problems. Therefore, pediatric chiropractic care can offer a multitude of benefits as well as help treat, adjust, and realign the spine.

With regular care at Green Country Chiropractic, a child can keep their spine in ideal alignment, no matter what may come. Through excellent spinal health and optimum nervous system function children will have improved sleep, fewer behavior problems, and better overall development. Regular chiropractic care is perfectly safe for developing children and recommended to keep them at the peak of health.

What Kind Of Symptoms Can Benefit From The Care?

Understanding what kind of symptoms can benefit from pediatric chiropractic care is useful so that you can attain the care should your child experience any of them. As well as the usual spinal injury symptoms such as pain, soreness, discomfort, and stiffness, there are some other symptoms that pediatric chiropractic care can help with, which includes:

  • Ear infections – pediatric chiropractic care can help assist drainage of the ears, which can help manage the symptoms of ear infections.
  • Asthma – chiropractic care can help regulate the immune system and central nervous system, which can reduce symptoms of asthma. 
  • Colic – chiropractic care can help to stimulate the digestive system, which can help relieve symptoms of colic and provide relief for children of all ages.
  • Bed-wetting – the phrenic nerve plays a role in bed-wetting among children of all ages, and adults too. Chiropractic care can help reduce the discomfort in this nerve, which can assist with reducing or managing bed-wetting.
  • Allergies – seeing as pediatric chiropractic care helps maintain a healthy immune system, it can help reduce symptoms of allergies. 
  • ADHD/ADD – children with ADHD/ADD can behave erratically, which can cause symptoms of reduced concentration and be overly sensitive. Chiropractic care helps to calm the nervous system, which can help manage these symptoms. 

While these symptoms cannot definitely be treated with pediatric chiropractic care, consistent chiropractic care can help reduce and manage these symptoms.